Our wriggly friends 🐛🐛

Class One have got some visitors in school. We have been speculating about what they could be, observing closely, talking about what we see and asking questions.

“It looks like some creatures in gooey sand!” Leo

“Are they insects in mud?” Mia

“The little black bits might be eggs” Finn

“They’re not dead, they’re moving!” Jacob

“They have fluff all over them, I think they’re centipedes or caterpillars” Eddie

“They’re prickly!” Oliver

We’re looking forward to taking care of our new friends and watching to see what happens. 👀

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F1 Cars

The children have used their knowledge of circuits to build their very own F1 cars. They then had fun racing them and recording the results.

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Class one, bread & butter making.

Class One have been making bread and butter today, and as it’s science week we thought we’d do a little experiment. One batch of buns was made with yeast and one batch without. While they were baking we made butter and gave our muscles a good work out as the butter became really thick! When the bread was ready we found we had eight perfect delicious buns and eight rock solid pebbles! We shared the tasty ones with our home made butter spread on top. Yummy!

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Happy Mother’s Day from your Year 2/3 treasures!

No words needed. 

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Key Steps 3 Team

Amazing team. Well done.

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Year 1 Fun Event

We have warmed up and are now ready to go! What an exciting afternoon we had. Six Year 1 pupils and lots of activities. Thank you Dowdales School!

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Nurse visits to talk about diabetes

This morning Kerry (local nurse) came in to talk to the children about diabetes. This was a very informative discussion. The children have learnt some fantastic facts and asked some wonderful questions.

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