Class 3 – Busy busy busy

The children have had a fantastic time over the last week or so. We have had our first trip to the M.U.G.A as a class and enjoyed some time playing rounders, completing the cross country and playing in the park. We have also been tasting some different food as part of our DT work, getting into character for our new book Cosmic, plus learning how to code using Flowol. Well done Class 3!

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Goodbye butterflies πŸ¦‹

Today we released our butterflies out into the environment. They we a little reluctant to leave us, but as they did they put on an amazing show! Thank you to Harry for taking care of the cacoons and butterflies over the holidays. You did an amazing job! πŸ‘

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Ice cream treats πŸ¦

What a lovely surprise treat we had this afternoon when an ice cream van turned up at school. A huge thank you to our PTA for a our half term treat! 🍦And a fond farewell to Mrs Thomas πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

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Burlington Quarry

Today the children ventured to the local quarry. They learnt about how the stone is cut and the fact that this process has not changed. They were able to visit the showroom and processing plant. What a day!

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Archaeological dig time πŸ•³οΈβ›οΈ

Class One had a turn at using the metal detector and probe to find some treasures on Burlington School’s site. It sparked much interest and conversation and a few muddy fingers too!

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The Dock Museum πŸš’

Reception and Year 1 enjoyed a visit to the Dock Museum. They were fascinated by the artifacts and stories they were told. They learned about how Barrow had changed since Queen Victoria ruled, about Sir James Ramsden and the introduction of the railway to the Furness area. They were particularly interested to find out about how an incident on the railway at Lindal-in-Furness inspired an episode of Thomas the Tank!

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The history of our school πŸ‘©β€πŸ«

Class One have been researching our schools history. First we found out when our school opened (1877) and had to find some evidence to prove what we believed. We looked at why our school was built and who the first headteacher of our school was; Mr Lewis. We looked at old photographs and wandered around our school to see how much it had changed since it was first built. We also found out that children used to attend our school from the age of 5-14! As our school was built when Queen Victoria was on the throne, we have taken part in many Victorian themed activities throughout the week.

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Kirkby old and new

Class One had a walk around parts of Kirkby-in-Furness and compared old photographs of some key buildings with what we can see today.

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Class 2 Local History Week (Day 4)

No visits today but a wonderful day to catch up on our on site activities. We continued our dig using the metal detector and probe to help us find even more nails! We also found pottery including fine bone China which could have belonged to the Lewis family (Mr Lewis was the first head teacher of Burlington School).

This afternoon we finished our Anglo Saxon brooches and runes (not technically local but we were finishing off our topic work). We also looked at some of the artefacts on loan from the Dock Museum including a range of Viking items.

We were joined again by David the metal detector expert/archaeologist who enjoyed answering the many questions asked by the class. We’ve certainly covered a lot of ground this week!

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Class 2 (Day 3) Swinside Stone Circle

We had a fabulous morning at Swinside stone circle this morning. We explored the stones and considered the different possibilities of how and why the stones were assembled there. The children created their own formal ceremonies. Measurements, sketches and photographs were taken in order to recreate our own mini β€œclayhenge” in school.

This afternoon Gill Jepson ran a history workshop for years 1,2 and 3, looking at sources of evidence and enquiry skills.

Finally, Gill read from one of her own books to Class 2 and Class 3 and did her book signing for those children who wished to purchase a book. Another productive day!

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